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Bring back memories



Do you want to relax and calm your mind? Are you stressed out or in mental tension?

Are you feeling weak or ill? Do you want to know what is healing? Do you want to heal your self and others around you? Then CLA App is for you.


Stay updated about the latest developments in the world of regression therapy with ARTS. Subscribe to our Monthly magazine and you will get to read about expert opinions, and reports by researchers in the field of esoteric healing. Second Issue will be launched during the event.


Our Speakers are renowned trainers and faculties in the field of Past Life Regression.

They are all those who are deep researchers in this field and are absolute passionate about their work.

Nassos Komianos

Nassos Komianos


Marion Boon

Marion Boon


Tulin Etyemez Schimberg

Tulin Etyemez Schimberg


Juanita Puddifoot

Juanita Puddifoot



  • Hotel Orchid

  • 12th to 15th August , 2016
    10:00 am - 05:00pm


Workshop: Deep Memory Process DMP– regression techniques to work with current and past life residues. The workshop will also include a slide presentation of Juanita's drawings of her observations of clients sessions, the spirit realms, past life residues and therapists energy fields

Join Juanita in this workshop
During the day Juanita will share aspects of the Deep Memory Process DMP, discuss practical techniques that you can use in your work with clients. The day incorporates her own personal experiences including case examples, and the connection between the physical Body of the client, the etheric layer of energy and the higher illuminated universal soul. DMP bridges these realms and enables the process of release and transformation in all areas mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. DMP Juanita will share the concept of releasing the "Unfinished Impulse" and why this is essential for clients. We will also highlight the duality of the higher realms of loving spiritual guides with the complex residues of Guilt and punishment of the soul and how these dammed parts hide deep within.

Come to this day to be prepared for an engaging experience, humour and insights to enhance your understanding and professional practice. Juanita works with a variety of methods as she is a professional counsellor, therapist, trainer, shamanic teacher/practitioner and due to her abilities to communicate with the Spirit realm she is also an Earth and Spirit consultant.

Deep Memory Process™ Unique among techniques, Roger Woolger's Deep Memory Process™ (DMP) is a practical and highly effective therapy of the soul, which is a creative synthesis of Jungian active imagination, Reichian bodywork and Moreno's psychodrama with shamanic/spirit journeying and integration between lifetimes derived from The Tibetan Book of the Dead. DMP is also rooted in yoga concepts of the subtle bodies and draws upon shamanic tradition and Tibetan teachings about death and transition through various bardo or intermediary states. This powerful therapy has been recognized as a major contribution to transpersonal psychotherapy DMP transforms mind, emotion and spirit in one comprehensive process.

  • — You will gain – practical techniques to work with clients
  • — Understanding the 'unfinished impulse' with DMP
  • — Importance of body as the doorway to other realms
  • — Complexity of residues of guilt and punishment
  • — The limitations of higher realms


Shamanic Journey, Trance Dance for Body and Soul Healing When our soul fragments, how shamanic and DMP regression techniques can bring healing

Just as regression therapists follow clients to connect with their past lives, in this workshop we will be using shamanic trance dance for journeying in altered state of consciousness outside time and space to connect with a lost soul part. From shamanic perspective, an illness represents energy no longer available to the client. We will be using DMP and shamanic techniques to explore the issue of soul retrieval and integration. Additionally, journeying to lower and upper world will be briefly thought.

Attendees will able to get information and experience about:
  • — DMP (Deep Memory Process) techniques to resolve the body issues
  • — Some Shamanic techniques they can combine and use with regression therapy
  • — Information about lower, higher and middle world
  • — Experience of meeting with power animals, journeying to lower and upper worlds
  • — Experiencing shaman trance dance to journey into body residues
  • — Experience of soul retrieval technique for integration.
  • — Using shamanic resources from the spirit realm.

The workshop will include four parts:

1st part is theoretical part; brief information about DMP and shamanic knowledge; especially about journeying to lower and upper worlds; soul retrieval; explanation how the body keep all feelings, emotions and thought; shamanic perspective about illnesses.

2nd part; exercise how to journey to lower and upper world; meeting with power animals and spiritual guides to get answers to your problems.

3rd part; a group exercise for searching the body residues related with current problem in their life by using trance dance experience, Tulin will use a drum for drumming. There will be time for group sharing and Q & A

4thpart; a demo showing a part of using regression techniques for the body integration including shamanic techniques with a volunteer after the group exercise.

Questions and answers, remarks.

Participants are advised to bring flat shoes or trainers for dancing, a scarf or a blindfold.

Participants will gain:
  • — Shamanic journey experience to lower and upper world; meeting with power animals and spiritual guides
  • — Trance experience with drumming
  • — Significance of body movement to connect with past lives.
  • — Experience of shamanic style soul retrieval
  • — DMP (Deep Memory Process) body integration
  • — Awareness of shamanic influences on regression.


ENKOIMISIS: A Gift from Antiquity. Integrating ancient therapeutic techniques and insights from mystery initiations, to post-modern therapy. In this workshop a lot of issues will be addressed and the participants will initially be educated about the history, the geography and the related terminology. Then through a visualization process they will be able to relive ancient practices as they took place in the lands of the Ancient Greek worldmore than three thousand years ago. Finally, some of our participants will witness in practice the incubation practices as well as the initiation process to the mysteries. This form of therapy unknown till then, and probably unprecedented, was called Enkoimisis. Modern scholars accept that this kind of therapy should be considered the predecessor of modern psychotherapy. Also it seems there are elements that resemble, in a sense, today's trance hypnotherapy.This long forgotten practice of incubation we now call dream healing. On the other hand insights from the initiation practices of the Eleusinian mysteries will be presented that can help us today to have a better understanding of the cycle of life, birth and rebirth.


A. There will be a historical regression to the particular practice with a slide show so that everyone will understand the underlying principles of this practice.

B. After the break we will engage in the particular practice.


A. Theoretical and historical references to the initiation procedures through a slideshow.

B. After the break we will attempt to actually reenact the particular practices.

The best part! If you are at a loss with a client, if you think that the client's unconscious can be unlocked, and foremost if it appeals to you, then think of trying this workshop to get the feeling of how it works.You may find the trip of incorporating ancient Greek wisdom rather fascinating and thrilling.


Regression and Resonance with Frequencies of the Universe the Power to train Focus without Force

In this workshop we will raise awareness of the soul's charges residing in our physical body. We will actively work in soul surgery, operating obstructions in order to restore the flow of healthy DNA. The aim is to raise awareness, to extract, retrieve, integrate and heal mutations at soul level, for a healthier presence of personality today, including the body. Participants will practice and train their ability to scan and heal their temple of the soul.

Experience in (Past life) Regression Therapy learns that Soul evidently needs a body to process, express, and discharge what it has experienced before. This brings the Status of our Physical body to a different Stage in spiritual awareness; where some traditions may teach a certain inferiority of the physical matter in order to reach stages of higher awareness, this workshop will shed light on the interactive woven structures of our soul presence in the flesh – and how to untangle fixations. Interactions between body and soul, guided by mind and spirit, in a beautiful symphony of life.

The body indicates needs, to be addressed. What is not addressed but suppressed, will be presented again in a next incarnation, until the experience has finally been processed, the soul has been healed, and lessons are learned. What we will learn, is a surgery in the soul, aligning personality and development, to harmony in evolution. Free is the clustered energy, it flows again, for your wellness. The body is able to restore damage even when it is originating from earlier existences in the path of development and (individual) evolution… not necessarily human. The challenge is not to judge and fixate: allow the process of Deep Healing.

Focus without Force happens from the inside, 'associated' in physical awareness. Yet, we will start with a scanning technique from the outside. Repetition at the end of the day, will illustrate the progress or the process of transformation in your physical state. Participants scan the physical body's energy state, scan inner charges and detect which organs are involved. We will focus on the DNA and possibly trace back to origins of mutations. You will learn to heal your DNA, as it can be influenced by thought, intent and focus. Our tissue is woven in the structure of the universe, as is language...

This workshop provides an overview of IPARRT specialty training 'Soul Surgery and Personality Development' which will be launched in 2017. Participants are invited to join in the exercises to use our full human potential of spirit, soul and the physical body - the precious temple that enables us to live, to love, to enjoy life, and even to reflect on our soul's journey.

With our spiritual potential and logic mind, we will scan physical presence and we may find charges and residues of our environment, or of a past reality that is still resonating and influencing the presence. We may find 'genetic' codes trans-generationally transmitted, alterations and mutilations in our DNA. Not only have we inherited our great grandmothers' mitochondrial cells programmed for instance with her potentials to endure life, we may also carry her mental convictions on life circumstances, or her trained ability to resist cold. Supportive and destructive input created in intense times, by ancestors, by ourselves in the present life, as well as by our earlier incarnations as individuals residing from the same soul, forms and deforms our physical condition. Their resonance is still active. In the family line we may find origins of dis-ease or mutations in the DNA.

Body and Soul join together in Power focus, tuning into frequencies of the Universe for healing our DNA. Mutation in DNA has started somewhere, internally by individual programming and externally from epigenetic field influences. The present day Personality will engage to undo those consequences by deep investigation and respect for past realities. Inspecting the tissue, following the flow of energy and subconscious logic, results in catharsis and transformation, physical healing and clarity.

A strong and healthy presence in the Now – 'to be the change you want to see.' To live in the now, one must respectfully finish the past.

This approach developed from many years of experience in transpersonal Regression therapeutic Healing, including Spirit Release, Out-of-Body Awareness, Soul-Consciousness and fragmentation, natural magnetism, Epigenetic influences and Deep Tissue Memory (DTM). Combining these techniques taking in consideration the Soul background, applying insights of Wave-Energy for Regeneration, promises to be very successful. We use techniques based on energy work in TRT (TASSO) and you will learn methods based on Russian research to regenerate organs. Characteristic for IPARRT specialties is, weaving together knowledge and practice in direct-focus exercises.

In this experiential workshop participants will work on themselves. Influences from the dynamic field around us on our genes, especially the family, may emerge and be healed. Group exercises on cellular memory and frequency healing are part of the activities. Participants train and develop their spirituality by this practice, taking home beneficial experiences and new perspectives on healing.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Email us at : info@asianreincarnation.com



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—   Hotel Orchid,
      Nehru Road, Vile Parle East,
      Adjacent to Domestic Airport,
      Mumbai - 400 099
—   Aug 12th-15th, 2016
—   Time: 9:00 AM to 07:00 PM


—   16, Aaram Nagar No. 2,
       Versova Beach Road, Andheri (West).
       Mumbai 400061. Maharashtra

—   Aug 12th-15th, 2016
—   Time: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM


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Cloverleaf Learning Academy is a platform for trainers from all fields. We offer training services with a personalized touch.

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Cloverleaf Learning Academy is a platform for trainers from all fields. We offer training services with a personalized touch.

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Cloverleaf Learning Academy is a platform for trainers from all fields. We offer training services with a personalized touch.

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