One Fine Day..

One Fine Day..
“Yesterday, at a local store, small talk with the young girl at the payment counter resulted in her asking me a simple question, “where do you work?”. My answer, “I am a Regression therapist and train therapists to work with past lives” (which normally draws people further into curious conversations with me) seemed funny to her as she genuinely laughed out loud and completed the transaction without further questions. I was somewhat surprised and after leaving the store began to dwell on her response. After ages, it seemed as if it was that “one fine day” when I have to look back at these years of therapy. We walk through life dazed wanting to become aware and begin seeking knowledge that can create this awareness. We look for Gurus, teachers, guides, anyone who can answer nagging questions about our existence. Some of us persist, some wait patiently, others hibernate and most give up. “This is the only life I have and all this mumbo-jumbo makes no sense to me”, having heard this from so many friends lead me to question – do we really have only one life? A whole population of humans going nowhere…is this evolution or decline of our sensibilities? The more we delve into the subject the more we face criticism, ridicule and uncertainty and discover a strange firmness to continue on the path we chose. Just as a scientist or an inventor is eager to present his discovery to the world, so do we! Through ARTS, we simply wish to bring all those mind scientists and therapy inventors on one platform at least in this part of the world, one fine day in September 2015. Join us!”

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