Asian Reincarnation and Theosophical Seminar

The Asian Reincarnation and Theosophical Seminar is intended to become Asia’s premier destination for leading experts in the field of reincarnation, mysticism, healing sciences, and theosophy. As the world moves towards unlocking the secrets of life with the help of science; we also move further and further away from discovering ourselves. The discovery of the universe cannot be complete without the discovery of self and ARTS is striving to bring together an elite (exceptional) group of people who can lead the path to this discovery.There are many conflicts in our lives that seemingly have no cause. A study of ourselves, through sciences like regression therapy, can help create synergy between the experts and seekers of this truth. At ARTS, guest speakers with the foremost authorities in the fields of reincarnation, metaphysical and esoteric sciences and theosophical teaching use their expertise to help people get answers to questions they have been bothered with.

The primary objective of ARTS is to commence an exchange of inventions, theories, evidences and validations in the field of reincarnation, theosophy and spiritual healing. We are looking to present experts from regression therapy and complementary healing modalities in India who are keen about meeting and working with colleagues across Asia.

You are invited to join us, as we work towards creating an increased awareness and acceptance of reincarnation, regression therapy, related esoteric and spiritual sciences and complementary healing techniques as a valid form of healing along with related theosophical teachings among people in India and Asia.

Spiritual sciences have helped countless people pull through some of the toughest periods of their lives and ARTS offers a platform to bring them together by creating an inter-connected portal of healing and spirituality.